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A great new Ethiopian restaurant in Fairfax

25 Apr

I love Sheba, the new Ethiopian restaurant in Fairfax.

Keep in mind that I’m no foodie, and my perspective is extremely narrow. Although I’ve eaten food from Sheba at least a half-dozen times now, it’s always been takeout. So I’ve never actually had a meal inside the restaurant.

And I’ve ordered the same dish every timeĀ  — the vegetarian combination.

Like I said: My perspective is narrow.

The injera (the pancake-looking thing in the photo) is fresh and spongy, and the vegetable dishes — green beans and carrots, lentils, collard greens, cabbage and a couple of other things that I haven’t figured out yet — are delicious and not too greasy.

Tyler Cowen reviewed Sheba recently. He liked the food, but complained about the service. Of course, I wouldn’t know anything about the service.

Although I’ve never had a meal inside Sheba, I’m the Foursquare mayor. A proud accomplishment.

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