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LinkedIn is Getting Awfully Pushy Lately

12 Jan

On Dec. 12, I got an email from LinkedIn encouraging me to join three named acquaintances “and 35 other connections who have found people they already know on LinkedIn.” Hmm, I don’t remember signing up for LinkedIn marketing messages, I said to myself.

Twice since then my iPhone buzzed when I received trivial notifications from LinkedIn. Funny, I thought, I don’t remember signing up for anything from LinkedIn that would make my phone buzz.

Yesterday I received another email from LinkedIn, this time recommending four groups they thought I should join.

At this point I was growing tired of LinkedIn invading my personal space, so I clicked on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. My web browser opened. “404: Page Not Found.”

Now I was upset, so I fumbled around with my LinkedIn iPhone app trying to find the settings to turn off all of these annoying messages and notifications. Only thing was, there was no such setting.

So I vented through Twitter.

A “fix?” The lack of an opt-out tool in LinkedIn’s iPhone app isn’t a bug. It’s a feature!

That was all I could take. I went to LinkedIn’s website to opt out of everything I could find. Guess what? Their opt-out tool is an inversion of the design of every other opt-out tool on the web. In order to rid yourself of LinkedIn’s marketing messages, you must place a check mark in the box designed for that purpose, rather than remove it. If I was the conspiratorial type, I would think it was purposely designed that way to confuse people.

Someone at LinkedIn sure doesn’t want me to opt-out of their marketing messages.

P.S. As long as I’m ranting: A few months ago I noticed that my tweets were appearing as status updates on my LinkedIn pageĀ even though I never did anything to make that happen. I guess the folks at LinkedIn needed my content so badly they decided to take it without asking.

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